Terry (leftyde) wrote in de_pablo,

De Pablo Inc! ( you may take this post seiourlsy or not so seriously, up to you)

New motion to the bored...er..board. * spins his Placard, the words "Leftys Rats" Spraypainted unevenly over the previous words. *A-hem. Whilst speaking with our esteemed founder , Joker de pablo * fanfare plays* during one of his off visits to my cruddy place of employment, I mentioned, half jokingly, half seriously, that the De Pablo family possess the skills to make a successful magazine. Then the idea struck me of an online magazine, monies gained from web advertisments. Although the idea is just a dwindling speek in the dark recess of my twisted little head, I propose the Idea here to all de Pablos, to see what the thoughts of my Brethern will turn to when confronted with the concept. That is all.
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