Terry (leftyde) wrote in de_pablo,

Evil De Pablo Plots

In my current state of boredom, I have begun to compile a short but growing list of takeover methods designed to place the reign of De Pablo over what will become the Global Continental Aliance, aka the GCA.

Boy band take over.
We clone, then kill, all boy bands, then brainwash our clones of popstars to do our bidding, and implant subliminal messages into the music, commanding all listeners to obey our every command.

Using our controll of young impressionable girls, we market products to raise capital, Joker will be in control of finances of course.

With Raised capital, we buy out the foriegn market of currency, standardizing all currency into one new System. Consisting of Pablos ( hard coin roughly equal to $1.89 ) and broken into smaller coins of small dinominations, devided at random amounts to confuse our opponents and make the economic market reliant upon our corporation, wich will be the only one prepared for the change in monies.

With our growing monopoly, we will collect mass amounts of Pablo, then use our superior recources to purchase all countries valuable resoucres used to back currency ( gold silver, oil ect...) and then proclaim the Pablo a worthless, yet collectible, currency. The Pablo will then be systematically destroyed to raise it collectable value, and sold on ebay and the home shopping detwork on cardboard displays at outrageous prices, from which we will draw a standard 10%.

The now confused, weakened and joined GAC will then be quartered off according to property value to each member of the De Pablo Family, each given utter control over his/her rein. Border issues will be maintained through conference of De Pablo and Delegates.
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