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New Recruit

For the past couple of years I have been studying the subject The One we Call Touran He has brought forth gifts of a stone bunny and snicker bars. He looks to be a good canidate for De Pablo. If anyone objects to this please comment now. If any other suggestions need be made then please say so. If not then we will begin the process.
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Riddler: *raises his plackerd*

Chair: Deligate from the Insanitarium, to what point do you rise?

Riddler: Motion for a role call vote.

Chair: There has been a motion for a role call vote, all those in favor raise your placerds. All opposed. By a vote of 9/0 This motion passes.
Chair: Insanitarium?

Riddler: The Insanitarium votes "For."

Chair: Animal Crossing? (that'd be you Pengin)
I think Mystic and I may kill you now. Would the delegate from Japan wish to close the comment list?
*cackles* The Riddler Riddles his Riddle well Joker Poker :P
The delegate from Animal Crossing will vote "for."


(P.S. A motion for a roll-call vote is automatic, if I remember correctly.)
The delegate for Ranlo(Hey I took what I could get...::mubbels:: )
For, as long as we dont have to pay to feed him..
I have a possible draft resolution in progress. I need some signatures and some sponsors though. More to come ...
So is Ben going to be Munchkin De Pablo?
If the resolution passes then he will be able to choose his own.
NAY! *rises from chair with enthusiam, knocking it to the floor* names shall be earned, not chosen! *sits down and after a moments silence murmers softly, "rat-tatat-tat dat ass..."
Raises his placard.