Terry (leftyde) wrote in de_pablo,

Raises his placard.

New business!

Article One: I nominate my friend JINKS for De Pabloism. Though none others here have meet with my friend, as proof of her mettle, she has "Aquired" over 200 pink flamingos,from various lawns. To finish is off, she had all the plastic birds loaded onto a truck and replanted them into a single lawn near her neighborhood.

Article Two: Unconfirmed De Pablo activity at RCCC (Rowan Cabbarus Community College) bookstore. Twodays now, people of De Pablo fitting description have been heard using the group name aloud. Can we confirm that one or more of our agents have recently been there, if so, i must ask for this store to be off limits for personal reasons. If Not, then we may have a rouge branch of De Pablos, or Worse, Corporate theft of logo, licence, and trademark.

That is all.
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Interesting work Lefty. I move for a caucas at my house following punch and pie.
Thank you. At what time shall we conviene. If intrested, a change of venue may be in order, I recently purchased a home and renovations are nearly complete. Probmatic only in its location ( Kannapolis ).

Side note, anyone interested in a full blooded Boxer puppy?
I may be able to adopt a boxer puppy around christmas if you are giving them away. I only have one bunny left and it is Frenchie ... he runs from the everyone. Change of venue may be appropriate since Corona lives at UNCC now. I will be back around the area by the 17th. We shall see what we can do.
Yes. I'm giving him away. I would liek to keep him but lack the means right now. He's six month old, brendle colored. Fully vaccinated for the year, including rabies, parvo, distemper ect. ect. Got him outside right now on a chain while the house is getting finished and its making him a bit anxious, boxers arn't good chain dogs. Since i dont have the time to spend with him between the baby and renovating the house, I cant say that its in his best interest to stay with me here, he needs more attention than i have to give right now. Other than that hes a good dog, even tempered and healthy, just a bit hyper, like all boxers. Hes the runt of the litter so hopefully he wont get too big. Let me know. House, food bowls, leash, collar included. As far as the Caucus for punch and pie ( which i assume means soda and pizza?) I propose we set a tenative date sometime after the new year when my renovations have finished on the house, for a gathering of all localized de pablo and possible instating of proposed new member, "Jinksy De Pablo" at my residence.
Dont we have a rule about not bringing up new biz when two of the clan are half way around the world, if we dont we should. I for one have no problem with a new member..

Pyro De Pablo
Location: on the island of royal crabs
I have never heard of such a rule, besides, thats what the internet is for Pyro. But thank you for seconding Jinksy' nomination. Where the hell is the Island of Royal Crabs anyway? You get shipped out again?